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Get to know Xafis Textiles IKE, one of the most established businesses in the wholesale textile industry since 1981.
Since 1981, Xafis Textiles IKE, is devoted to its unique purpose which is to help its clients acquire the finest textiles at the most cost effective and competitive prices in the market so that they can compete in the international marketplace.
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Xafis Textiles is a family-run business that was founded in 1981 by Vasileios Xafis. After a decade of working and gaining experience in the clothes manufacturing and weaving industry, Vasileios Xafis decided to take the initiative and pursue business in the textile trading industry. While starting off mainly with textiles for men’s shirts, as the times and market demanded, Xafis Textiles expanded into textiles for workwear, hotel facilities, and liturgical and clerical clothing. Today, the business has expertise in a wide variety of textiles and strives to provide fabrics that fulfill their customers’ high expectations.
Today, Vasileios Xafis’ son, George, is at the helm of the company. With his father’s many years of experience as a guide and his own restless spirit for continuous development and improvement, George Xafis is planning on evolving the course of the company.
More specifically, Xafis Textiles possesses an extensive variety of textiles perfect for men’s and children’s shirts, everyday clothing, workwear for every business, textiles that meet the necessities of hotels and fabrics for liturgical and clerical clothing.
Classic and modern patterns are available in the constantly renewed collections.

Specifically, Xafis Textiles meets the needs of its clients in Basic fabrics, Two-fold fabrics, Printed fabrics, Striped & Checked fabrics, Blacks, PFD fabrics. The company also offers a wide variety of poplins, gaberdines and voile fabrics in many different qualities ideal for shirt collars and t-shirt cuffs, available for export. 

The majority of the textiles are imported from great textile manufacturers in Europe and far East. Most of the fabrics are stored in our premises, while can be available upon request in a matter of days.  
All the textiles held at Xafis Textiles, are liable to quality control  to detect and avoid any possible defects. The textiles are checked by the company’s quality control machine at its premises.
At the same time, all the textiles come with ECOTEX certificates providing the quality guarantee of the Xafis Textiles fabrics. 
As a family-run business, Xafis Textiles considers trust to be at the heart of every relationship that the company develops.
For us at Xafis Textiles, it is a personal challenge to create strong bonds with our customers and partners, who know they can rely on us to offer them honest pricing and the best quality textiles.
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